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DOMESTIC TOPDomestic top Windows and doorsPrivate custom business
01German manufacturing standardsEUROPE'S TOP TECHNOLOGY

Made in Germany represents the highest international product standards,The best quality with artisan spirit,Excellence pursuit of perfect details,With high precision production equipment、Senior design team for protection,Handmade fine grinding,Make sure that160Careful meticulous much process every step of the way,This is the ink was a perfect interpretation of ashkenazi real brand。

02Advanced production equipmentAdvanced production equipment

DE d doors and Windows and lavishly Europe several sets of high-tech automatic production line imported from German,Is used in the production of the doors and Windows processing。Flexibility is strong,Production level is high,Integrating various operating functions。Achieve highly integrated operation,So can ensure the whole process of high precision requirements。

03Won many honorsWon many honors

Successively obtains, Windows and doors“The doors and Windows industry top ten enterprises”“The most market competitive brand”“China's choice of green environmental protection product”“The national engineering preferred brand building materials”“The national quality trustworthy product”“2010Products are the most popular award”“Quality management advanced unit”Such as the honorary title。

04Supply on timeSupply on time

Material reserve stock700Tons,Not because of the shortage of material out of stock,Ensure every door and window can be found within7-15Days of delivery,With industry leading mode of logistics management,Regardless of the season off-season delivery speed,Dealers capital running speed is fast。

05Rigorous testingStrict production process

German Windows inherits the German originality spirit in one hundred,Do the critical state to the requirement of product,We produce self-checking standards include,The incoming material inspection、Production test、The finished product inspection、The delivery inspection,Doors and Windows quality reached the international standard,We firmly believe that today's quality is tomorrow's market。

06Excellent elite teamExcellent elite team

DE wei doors and Windows with the industry's most professional design elite and pre-sale、After-sales team,Product updates will never fall behind,Five years or more experienced senior teacher,For joining DE d dealer opening location、Store design、The shop assistant professional ability training、Open doors and Windows of event planning knowledge and skills。

STORE SHOWDistribution networkAll over the country

    Guangzhou, Windows and doors co., LTD(Brand:DE d system Windows and doors)Was established2008Years,Is a concentration of aluminum alloy doors and Windows system design、Research and development、Manufacturing、China merchants to join comprehensive doors and Windows companies。DE d system Windows introduced European advanced technology,And have a first-class production equipment and excellent elite team,Have become doors and Windows industry standardization production process、Good management、Aggressive and innovative enterprises。DE d system doors and Windows in the main high-end broken bridge wire netting a whole series of casement Windows、Push-pull window、Sun room、The sliding door、Big folding door、The door etc series products,In the process、The perfect pursuit of quality,Its products is not only a building supplies,A more unique artistic value,Now facing the national investment promotion to join,Including business model、The whole shop output、Business support、After-sale protection, etc,Welcome to like to open DE d system, Windows and doors inn merchants to come to consult。

    After, many years of efforts to develop,The positive improvement in technology and science,Doors and Windows, system has remained the world's leading technology and production process。Our company office、Villa、Apartment decoration engineering, etc,The consummate craft and perfect service,Won the owner's widespread high praise。

    Trials and hardships,Only for casting brilliant;DE d extraordinary strength,Just to bring you a romantic legend。

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